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Themes for the summer

This summer we plan our activities in these themes:

June 2-5


Mirror image

Who am I, body parts, healthy lifestyle, family

June 8.-12.

What’s hiding in the grass!

bugs, insects

June 15.-19.

Can you feel it? I am feel it!

Sensory system (The 5 senses)

June 22.-26.

The scent of a summer meadow


June 29.-July 3.

Small, big, cold, warm


July 6.-10.

Delicious a nd healthy

Summer fruits and vegetables

July 13.-17.

On the wings of the wind

The air

July 20.-24.

Fly far, fly high!


July 27.-31.

One drop, two drops


August 3.-7.

Light and shadow

Time of the day, weather, days, months, seasons

August 10.-14.

How is it? How big?

shapes, expansion, colours

August 17.-19.

szabad játék

free play

August 24.-29.

szabad játék

free play